augmented reality sandbox

iSandBOX is an innovative tool for education, entertainment and business






What can I do with It?

Build a high mountain, create a vent and watch as lava erupts from the top.  Dig out a canal around your castle, which will be immediately filled with water. Watch palms grow on islands, crabs sprawling on the beaches, fish and sharks roaming through waters.


in a box

The possibilities

are endless -

even your imagination

is not the limit.

Why is it


Innovative augmented reality technology brings sand to life. The mighty volcanoes, vast oceans and meadows, mountains and rivers are no longer the matter of your imagination. Realistic textures and images are transferred onto the sand, making iSandBOX the coolest thing you’ve ever seen.

augmented reality sandbox

Areas of use


We bring innovative technology to launch the first ever interactive educational sandbox. Building mountains and rivers that come to life can be used to teach kids basic concepts of nature, weather, geography. Sand improves motor development, communication skills, vision perception, tactile sense, memory, teamwork and imagination.

Areas of use

  • Pre-schools, kindergartens
  • Rehabilitation centres
  • Psychology and therapy offices
  • Childhood development centres
  • Science museums, interactive exhibitions


Learn while having fun! There are 13 game modes in iSandBOX. Build walls to protect your fortress, kill dragons and skeletons, compete with your friends. No adults needed - every game mode is intuitive and easy to master.

Areas of use:

  • Amusement parks
  • Play rooms
  • Fun-fairs

Make money out of fun

We are the first company in the world to produce interactive sandbox. Want to build a profitable business in the area of interactive technology ?

We can teach you how!


iSandBOX Software

For partners, DIY enthusiasts and production teams we are offering an option to purchase the license of iSandBOX Software. We will teach you how to build your own system, provide all the necessary technical support and updates for as long as you use the software.

Custom development

If you are not satisfied with the variety of game modes available, we could develop a brand new set of modes for iSandBOX - add branding, new textures and mechanics. With our team of professionals from the field of game development, design and engineering, your project is in caring and capable hands.

Select your iSandBOX

iSandBOX modes


The depth measurement sensor captures the distance to the sand surface.

How does it work?


The received data is then transferred to the computer.


Computer processes the data and sends commands to the projector.


The projector highlights the sand surface with realistic textures - water, grass, mountains, space and many others.