Magic Wall 3-in-1

A fascinating space for children’s entertainment and development

What is Magic wall 3-in-1?

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Magic Wall 3-in-1 is an interactive complex that brings together all the benefits and fun of three interactive walls by UTS.


We’ve improved the functionality of our software, and now everything is included in a single complex. It allows you to quickly switch between three gaming platforms: Ball vs. Wall, Paints and Brushes, and Living Drawings.


With Magic Wall 3-in-1, you can save a lot, since it is much more expensive to buy three products separately. You can also save space, because all games use the same wall to project the image.

Magic Wall 3-in-1 can be effectively used in daycare centers, schools, rehabilitation centers, development and entertainment centers.



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Magic wall 3-in-1 software

Magic Wall 3-in-1 includes three software gaming platforms for a richer learning experience. Depending on the learning goals, the educator can switch between these three platforms at any time.

Paints and Brushes is a game where children can color images projected onto the wall using large brushes. The software includes 36 coloring images and 3 game mechanics. 

Scenario 1

The scene selected by the player is projected onto the wall as a black and white contour drawing. After it’s been colored, the picture comes to life. 

Scenario 2

By choosing one of the black and white pictures and the desired color on the palette, the player paints over the closed contours. After that, the drawing comes to life. 

Scenario 3

The player can paint over the closed contours of the picture with different colors.

Ball vs. Wall is an interactive throw wall for physical development and games. The software includes 9 entertaining and educational modes. Here, kids can hunt for dragonflies in the Hungry frogs game, participate in sea battles in the Pirates game, play futuristic football, and much more.

Living Drawings software represents a magical space where, thanks to a high-speed scanner, characters painted by a child come to life. These characters are a robot, a fairy, a bunny, a giraffe and many others. Players can interact not only with animated drawings of their own, but also with other toys that the room is filled with.

Why MAgic Wall?

Encourages creativity

Develops cognitive abilities

Teaches teamwork and communication skills

Artistic, aesthetic and physical development

Complete set includes

Software: Paints and Brushes, Ball vs. Wall, Living Drawings
Projector (projection area up to 14 sq.m)
Motion sensor
Tablet for easy control
Accessories: brush, 10 balls, scanner

Complete set

This option includes a tablet with iSandBOX software to easily switch game modes and configure modes to your liking.

The unit and the software

In this kit, only the body and the software are included. To run the interactive sandbox you will need to purchase a depth sensor, a projector and a computer.

Software only

If you have an iSandBOX body, a computer, and a depth sensor, you can only purchase the software to run the interactive sandbox.

Interactive wall Magic Wall 3-in-1

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UTS is an international manufacturer of interactive devices for children’s development and entertainment.

Over 10 years, we have been creating interactive products and unique solutions for education. Our specialists develop software and manufacture efficient equipment to help teachers make the learning process more engaging and diverse for students. Our primary goal is to prove that education can be interesting. We want our devices to allow inquisitive children of today to become happy, responsible, and conscientious adults of tomorrow. 

UTS is a company with a global presence – we have partners around the world. Highly appreciating all of them, we do our best to build long-term partnerships to reach goals together. 

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What our customers say

Eunmi Kim

We are a company that handles geophysical equipment, and we were very interested in iSandBox. I thought it would be a good equipment for geologists or geophysicists in the future by playing in the sand to help them understand the geological field and attract children's interest. I believe the iSandBox equipment will help foster future geological and geophysical researchers.

Seoul, Korea

Kristen Kozic

ISandbox is truly an amazing concept creating the sandbox to come to life and the imagination to run wild with all the different themes and details included in the sandbox. The process of buying one was extremely smooth as everyone was so helpful, full of knowledge and eagerly awaiting to help every step of the way. Kids and adults alike LOVE this product and the detail and imagery is amazing. Can't wait to expose this to as many kids as possible.

Nets of America
Tampa, FL, USA

Olivia Smith

Our company supplies equipment for schools and kindergartens. We were very surprised when we first saw iSandBOX and decided to order it. When we received the sandbox we were amazed by its functionality and opportunities in schools and kindergartens in conjunction with new approaches in education. Kids loved this product so much, we couldn't take them away. Thank you!

Woolworths Group
Bella Vista, Australia

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