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Sell augmented reality sandbox in your state and earn up to 30% from retail price.

What do you get working with us?

Flexible prices for our partners

For our partners we’ve developed a flexible discount system, which depends on amount of purchased products. You can get a discount up to 30%.

Marketing kit

We share with our partners commercial offers, advertisement materials (content for websites, brochures and etc.) as well as photos and videos for promotion.

Adaptive software, regular updates and customized development

We are continue to develop new software and releasing regular updates. Upon client’s requests we can adapt or customize the software.

Packaging and careful transportation

Before a dispatch we check product’s integrity several times and pack it safely in wooden boxes.

Remote technician and managers support

In case of any issues related to products we are ready to help you out. We have a multilingual support willing to help you solve a problem in a short term.

If you have any questions, we would be glad to help you

Market opportunities

What guarantees do you get?

Full cycle of manufacturing

All our products — from software to bodies — are manufactured in-house, therefore we guarantee on-time delivery and consistent quality.

Work experience with foreign partners

We have extensive experience in cooperating with foreign partners and know how to conduct all the operations, including freight.

Training for your technical staff

We can conduct trainings for your technical specialists so that you could support customers in your region on your own.


We provide you a 12 month warranty, if you order complete set.

Purchase options

Complete set

This option includes a tablet with special software. It will let you easily switch game modes and set individual settings.

Body and soft

In this kit, only body and software are included. To run the interactive sandbox you will need to additionally purchase a depth sensor, projector, and computer.


If you have a sand tank, a computer, and a depth sensor, you can only purchase the software to run the interactive sandbox.

What customers say

Eunmi Kim

We are a company that handles geophysical equipment, and we were very interested in iSandBox. I thought it would be a good equipment for geologists or geophysicists in the future by playing in the sand to help them understand the geological field and attract children's interest. I believe the iSandBox equipment will help foster future geological and geophysical researchers..

Seoul, Korea

Kristen Kozic

ISandbox is truly an amazing concept creating the sandbox to come to life and the imagination to run wild with all the different themes and details included in the sandbox. The process of buying one was extremely smooth as everyone was so helpful, full of knowledge and eagerly awaiting to help every step of the way. Kids and adults alike LOVE this product and the detail and imagery is amazing. Can't wait to expose this to as many kids as possible.

Nets of America
Tampa, FL, USA

Olivia Smith

Our company supplies equipment for schools and kindergartens. We were very surprised when we first saw iSandBOX and decided to order it. When we received the sandbox we were amazed by its functionality and opportunities in schools and kindergartens in conjunction with new approaches in education. Kids loved this product so much, we couldn't take them away. Thank you!

Woolworths Group
Bella Vista, Australia

About us

UTS Research and Production company is located in the city of Tomsk, the innovation center of Siberia. We create cutting-edge interactive products and develop unique solutions from the very first concept to serial production.

UTS is an international manufacturer of interactive devices for children’s development and entertainment.

Over 10 years, we have been creating interactive products and unique solutions for education. Our specialists develop software and manufacture efficient equipment to help teachers make the learning process more engaging and diverse for students. Our primary goal is to prove that education can be interesting. We want our devices to allow inquisitive children of today to become happy, responsible, and conscientious adults of tomorrow. 

UTS is a company with a global presence – we have partners around the world. Highly appreciating all of them, we do our best to build long-term partnerships to reach goals together. 

100+ employees

50 countries

19 partners around
the world

496 units sold

15 years old

5 970 sq.ft. manufacturing

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You are a business looking for new opportunities in the sphere of education, entertainment, and therapy with real social impact.

You have at least a 2 years record of successful sales in your market niche.

You have ambitious B2B sales goals reinforced by professional marketing and sales teams.

You have several representative branches in your region or a large e-commerce store shipping products to customers over a wide area.

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          We will be glad to answer all your questions!