Interactive sandbox: proper sand care

Given that working with sand involves a high level of tactility, it is crucial to take care of sand regularly and thoroughly when working with an interactive sandbox. 

In this article, we will share the rules of sand care and answer the main questions. Why do we need to clean sand? How to do it properly? How often should it be done? We stick to these rules while working with iSandBOX and recommend that you follow them if you work with children in an interactive sandbox. At present, it is especially crucial to maintain the high level of hygiene of surfaces touched by kids. 

Should we clean sand? 

Yes, it is necessary to clean sand before working with it. During activities in a sandbox, safety is a primary issue. The timely sanitation of sand is fundamental to avert the risk of getting an infectious or parasitic disease. While working with children, it is particularly vital because they play with sand, after which they can touch their faces, eyes, or mouth with dirty hands. 

How to take care of sand properly? 

Some manufacturers supply sand that is already cleaned and prepared for use. In this case, additional measures are unnecessary. However, if you bought uncleansed and unprepared sand, the following instructions will be helpful for you. 

Sand care before you first use it

  • The first step is to wash sand and clear it from all impurities. 
  • After that, you should disinfect sand. For this, treat sand with ultraviolet light or heat it in the oven. 

Regular sand care

  • You have to treat sand with a bacterial irradiator at least twice a week. 
  • Recommended that you change or renew sand at least once a year. It depends on how often you use a sandbox. 
  • In case of intensive regular use, you should daily treat the sandbox body with any sanitizer. 

Personal hygiene rules while working with an interactive sandbox

Due to the intensity and frequency of work with an interactive sandbox, you will have to clean and change sand more often than recommended above in preschools and child development centers. Especially if there are additional educational services, and kids who are not engaged in the main groups attend an institution. 

Before and after a lesson, do not forget to wash hands with soap or use hand sanitizer, just like you do after playing with sand outside. 

It is not complicated to take care of sand properly – it is sufficient to observe the simple rules mentioned above.  Following them will protect both you and kids and make working with a sandbox even more enjoyable and comfortable. 

We will be glad to answer all your questions!

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